Dating checklist for girls

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Dating checklist for girls

My curiosity was sparked when I heard about Burger’s “replication” and it was on TV…sadly I admitted that…TV is successful because of Psychology, it plays into our very lives now!!I see people going through what could be described as withdraws from not getting to watch their shows.

I learned about it when I was in High School due to an elective Intro to Psychology class, even then I didn’t really pay attention because I had no interest.

How would you redesign Milgram’s study to have it pass IRB standards?

In my most humble opinion, I would like to do my best to discuss and give my opinions on what Milgram did to get the conclusions of his study and the areas that I felt were inappropriate.

This is true because it violated the rights of the subjects without informed consent and did so in a unilateral unethical way.

The experiment was to observe individuals under instruction to deliver painful shocks to individuals to determine whether research subjects would comply.

Finally, since most participants did not complain about the experiment and said they were glad to be able to participate the experiment, I think Milgram’s obedience for authority study does not have an ethics problem.

By today’s high integrity standards of research conduct, Milgram’s study never would have obtained IRB approval.

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However, I would like to add that I do feel that he did what he had to do to get a specific reaction from human beings, and it is crucial to get a specific response from an experiment in order to learn about curtain human behavior.

According to Shanks (2012), “We tend to think that we have now learned in dept what Milgram’s “Obedience Experiments” have to teach us.

Certainly, Milgram manipulated the participants and gave stress to them, but without this method, it was impossible to get a real reaction from people towards authorities.

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