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The judge concluded that Kathryn 'has been evading the drug and alcohol testing required' and instructed her to 'submit to immediate drug and alcohol testing or to report to the Charleston County Detention Center or the Berkeley County Detention Center.'Clearly frustrated, he noted that Kathryn had repeatedly failed to provide medical records and ruled that, as Kathryn herself had 'introduced her mental condition as a claim or defense…that she is a fit and proper parent to have custody of the minor children,' she waived any right to privilege and gave the court 'good cause' to require the release of 'any and all of her mental health records.'It was also ruled that Kathryn should pay Ravenel's legal fees in relation to these motions as she 'has been uncooperative and her behavior has caused the Plaintiff's attorney's fees to mount.'The court records, and the new season’s dramatic trailer which shows a tearful Kathryn, reluctantly handing over her daughter to Ravenel, certainly paint a very different picture from the one Kathryn is keen to portray herself. But what she has described as a ‘metamorphosis’ has so far failed to manifest in the courtroom where no resolution has been reached.

In an interview with ET on the eve of the season 4 premier Kathryn studiously failed to mention the ongoing court battle and instead claimed, ‘I’m really at peace with everything. The latest filings coincide with Ravenel's return to Charleston with the children following a couple of months in La Quinta, California for the winter polo season.

In a post on instagram, on which Ravenel proudly bills himself as 'Father,' show him doting on his children.

Just last week he posted images of Kensie celebrating her third birthday on the West Coast with balloons and a cupcake.

Meanwhile, two thousand miles away, Kathryn posted a throwback picture of herself holding her then-infant daughter, with the words: 'Cue the tears.

My Daughter, my Angel, my Kensington Calhoun Ravenel is 3 years old today.'There was no sign of Dennis at the family home in Charleston when Daily visited last week and her father, Luke, declined to comment on the current legal battle being waged between his daughter and her former lover, Ravenel - beyond describing the situation as 'difficult.'A damning affidavit from the children's nanny accuses Kathryn of prioritizing her social life over her children.

Season 4 of the hit Bravo show premieres tonight and in the trailer Ravenel, 53, is shown voicing his frustration at Kathryn's continued refusal to fulfill the condition of her already limited visitation rights with three-year-old Kensington, known as Kensie, and one-year-old St Julian Rembert, aka Saint.'Why won't she take the drugs test? 'Because she knows she'll fail.'In another trailer for the premier, Kathryn makes a surprise call to her friend Craig Conover, announcing that she's back in Charleston.'I haven’t talked to Kathryn in months.

But I mean, look, Kathryn has some issues, she’s dealing with some s*** right now.

Europe encompasses an area of 10,180,000 km (3,930,000 square miles), stretching from Asia to the Atlantic, and from Africa to the Arctic.

European countries welcome more than 480 million international visitors per year, more than half of the global market, and 7 of the 10 most visited countries are European nations.

'Kathryn seemed to look at her children as if they were toys or props and not real children, with real needs,' she said Even by the standards of reality television, Ravenel and Dennis's relationship has been one of torrid drama as viewers have tuned in season after season, riveted by the compelling implosion.